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Tidewater Hokie Club, Inc Officers

Title Name Phone E-mail address Term
President George Compo 440-1194 gcompo@compoconstruction.com 6/30/2022
Vice-President       6/30/2022
Secretary John Karr 482-1192 jhkarr4@gmail.com 6/30/2022
Treasurer Chuck Engle 880-8709 cdengle2@gmail.com 6/30/2022
Director-at-large       6/30/2021
Director-at-large       6/30/2021
Director-at-large       6/30/2022
Director-at-large       6/30/2022
Director-at-large       6/30/2023
Director-at-large Terry Bolt (540) 231-6618 tbolt@vt.edu Permanent


Tidewater Hokie Club Chairpersons

Title Name Phone E-mail address
Kickoff Dinner Chair Dare Query 583-5745 query4@cox.net
Recruit Night Chair Nick Moore 419-1461 moore1071@cox.net
Webmaster Greg Shumaker 483-2959 gregshu@gmail.com


Tidewater Hokie Club Reps

Name Phone E-mail address
Brittney Boyce 589-4225 BrittneyBoyce@gmail.com
George Compo 440-1194 gcompo@compoconstruction.com
Hunter DeJarnette 482-4087 hdejarne@verizon.net
Meredith Elliott 651-8699 meredithkelliott@gmail.com
Chuck Engle 880-8709 cdengle2@gmail.com
Steve Henderson 638-0147 hokie1steve@verizon.net
John Karr 482-1192 jhkarr4@gmail.com
Nick Moore   419-1461 moore1071@cox.net
Justin Padgett 288-5185 jpadgett@compoconstruction.com
Dare Query 583-5745 query4@cox.net
Chip Runyon 651-9305 therunyons@gmail.com
Greg Shumaker 483-2959 gregshu@gmail.com
Andrew Summer 406-9556 andrew.summer@gmail.com

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